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11/27/2012 12:22:53 am

Cardiovascular System Project
By: Macon Wyncoop
Hey everyone! My name is Cece the circulatory system cell! I am a red blood cell! So you are probably wondering how reds get their color right? Well red blood cells get their color from oxygen. Have you ever wondered how your veins were blue or purple and when you scraped your knee and your blood was red? It’s because whenever we get oxygen we turn red. I am also known as an erythrocyte but that is too big of a word for me, so just call me Cece! I am very perky and bubbly which is probably one of the reasons I have enough energy to do my job EVERY day! I will tell you about my day because it is pretty fun, but it also takes a lot of work. Don’t worry about me because I will ALWAYS have enough energy! Before I get into my day there are 4 different chambers in your heart so let me tell you about those. There are the left and right atria which get blood from the heart. Then there is the left and right ventricles which pump blood away from the heart to other areas of the body that need it like your muscles. Another thing I want to tell you about it the word valves. I will probably use this word MANY times because they are so important. What valves are is they open and close to allow blood to pass through and to close it off to prevent backflow. Alright so now I can start of and tell you what I do EVERY DAY! So I start of in the right atrium every day because that’s my home sweet home! Then my mom wakes me up by pushing me out the valves so then I am squeezed into the right ventricle. Once I am there I am squeezed again into the pulmonary artery. Then I flow into the lungs to give the body and muscles oxygen. Once I give the lungs oxygen I turn blue because that means I have no more oxygen. Don’t worry I can live without it! Every once in a while my arch enemy carbon dioxide comes to visit me. So my white blood cell friends have to come back me up and help me run him off. Eventually I enter the left atrium and am squeezed into the left ventricle. I really don’t like the squeezing part because it really tires me out. Then I am squeezed AGAIN into another valve and end up in the aorta! Then once I am there I flow back into the right atrium and continue my fun filled day!

11/28/2012 08:12:39 pm

This is a video Cole and I made for the Red Blood Cell Project.


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