Inspiration is often one of the most important and useful gifts a leader can give to the people they are leading. 
Take a moment to think about the people that have inspired you throughout your life, it could be your parents, teachers, coaches, friend, sibling, neighbor, an artist, or an athlete, etc. (the list is practically endless). There are countless individuals in leadership positions like parents, coaches, and teachers that inspire us or push us to do our best everyday. There might even be individuals that you have never met (athletes, artists, etc.) that inspire you. 

Watch the videos below and choose ONE discussion question below to post an answer for. Make sure to tell me what question number you are doing & to use TEN COMPLETE sentences. Click 'Read More' to view the videos.-

1) Compare and contrast the videos. Explain how each video is inspirational in its own way but, also how they are inspirationally different. 

2) Find your own inspirational video and post it. Provide an explanation of why that video/clip is inspirational.

3) Post about two different people in your life that have inspired you. Explain how they've both inspired you in different ways and how they have helped you. *Use one person inside of your family and one person outside of your family (coach, teacher, etc.).



Molly Lippincott
11/09/2012 10:03am

I have many people who inspire me. It is going to be hard to only talk about 2 of them. 2 people who inspire me are my mother and my sister. My mother inspires me so much! She houses 4 children and 1 husband. She works so hard to feed all of us. She works full time at one job and never gives up trying to please us and make us feel at home. She inspires me because she always sticks with her opinions and tries so hard all of the time for the benefit of us. I try to help her out all the time but everything I do to help her is nothing compared to what she does for me. My sister is one of my biggest role models! She plays soccer no matter what happens phisically of mentally. She never quite looses her cool and I can tell her anything that happens to me. She inspires me because once she starts something, she finishes it. She doesn't quit, even if something goes wrong.

Bianca Nesmachnov
11/09/2012 10:05am

3. My Dad inspires me because he works hard every day. He is fun and he does alot of the work around the house. He helps me if I am having trouble with softball, homework, and little nessesities. If he would only work less then I could see him more. I love my Dad very much. Even if I get angry at him or he gets angry at me, it is still a great relationship.
My friends are very inspirational. They are so insperational that I can't just pick one. They are always so kind to me. If ask any of my friends any type of question they will always make me laugh some how. One of my best friends is MOLLY LIPPINCOTT!

Greyson Benning
11/09/2012 10:08am

~Option 3~
If I had to pick two people that have inspired me , gave me advice and answered all my questions truefully and also they were ALWAYS there for me. The person that inspired me the most would most definitley be my great grandpa , my poppop. He told me to always follow my dreams and to always keep my head up. He told me to follow in the path of God and to always trust in him because the Lord will always be there no matter what. He told me that there will be hard times but it will always get better. And to never give up and dont let anyone make you feel unwanted because you are and many many people love you. Another person that inspires me is my bestfriend Calista because she gives so much advice and she is always there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on. She is super sweet and I can TRUST her with my secrets. I have many more people but these are just two .

Chase Jones
11/09/2012 10:09am

I am first going to tell you about someone in my family. I am going to use my brother. He runs and he has inspired me to keep going in sports no matter how hard it gets because that is what my brother does when he runs. This has extremely helped me in sports because it has made me a much better athlete. I try to never give up, but I do slow down sometimes. I am next going to tell you about someone outside of my family. I am going to use my pastor. He has inspired me to make better choices. My pastor has also inspired me to never stop praising God. To give all of the glory to God no matter what happens. He has inspired me not become a better Christian. His ways of preaching has inspired me in positive ways.

Logan Stroud
11/09/2012 10:09am

Both videos were very insperational and i have now learned tto not judge a person by the cover. The first video was insperational because the assistant coach didnt care about the referies when they were being racist he just telled his players to do the best they can do and to make the other team remember that they played the titans that night. The second video was insperational because everyone was being mean to her because she was weird but when she sang everyone was astonished by what she sang.

Molly Lippincott
11/09/2012 10:10am

Earlier I forgot to publish a person outside of my family to talk about. Some friends that inspire me the most is Autumn Dix and Bianca Nesmachnov. They inspire me because they bothbecause they stick to want they think, they always try their best and they are ninjas. They inspire me to not care what other people think.

Morgan Croft
11/09/2012 10:12am

1.I think the clip from remember the titans is very inspirational. The 20 second talk the coach gave his team a pep talk that changed the way the team played the rest of the game. Even though you’re different on the outside doesn’t mean your different on the inside. The coach inspired me because it tells me to just move on and get on with the game. In the clip from Britain’s got talent the lady inspired me. She inspired me because she walked on the stage proudly and had the courage to sing and follow her dreams. I wouldn’t have the guts to do what she did. The differences between the two videos is that remember the titans is talking about a football game and different race. But in the Britain’s clip the lady was singing to become a professional singer.

Thien Dang
11/09/2012 10:14am

The first that inspires me all the time is my dad. He has a motive when he plays video games to not give up, and he actually wouldn't. He would keep trying to the point that it annoys the heck out of me. But then, it would surprise me that my dad has the patience to go on. Sometimes when i play video games, i get so angry that i would throw my controller at the wall and scream bloody murder. So when i see my dad play video games, he reminds me of two things. One, he has a lot more patience than i do, that's for sure. And two, i would realize every single time, "This guy, my dad, has beaten more games than i did, and all just because of having self-control."

One other person that inspires me is my old friend Jorian. He could take any insult and turn it back at his insulter. His biggest "weapon" is sarcasm, or annoyance, i don't know which. He will annoy the heck out of that complicated sarcasm. He could win any arguement that you throw at him. Sometimes, i wish i knew his ways of annoyance.

Autumn Dix
11/11/2012 10:49am

My brother Raymond has inspired me so much. He has taught me not to let stuff bother me. If i need someone to talk to he is always there. If I need help with something he is there too. If he is not at my house he tells me to call if I need anything. He Inspires me to be who I want to be. One other person that inspires me is Molly Lipincott. She is there when I need her. She can always make me laugh. Many of my other friends inspire me but Molly is only just one.

11/11/2012 4:49pm

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_N_dYRb4_4
This video is inspirational because instead of giving up on life he kept on living. Also this video is inspirational because it shows that even though you might have a disability you can keep on living. Another reason why is because that he inspired others by telling his story and why her never gave up. Fifthly because he even though he had no arms and legs tried his hardest to do everything in life.

Cassidy Hartwig
11/11/2012 4:50pm

Cassidy Hartwig

Olivia Devecchis
11/11/2012 5:37pm

-The first person in my life that has inspired me is my mom. I was going through drama with two people who were judging me because of things I can't really help (don't want to list them) and she told me to be the bigger person and just say "so what?" or nothing at all. She helped me get through it and now when people make comments about it I show no emotion like I used to.

-The second people(s) who inspired me are my best friends. All of them are inspirational in their ways. They all encourage me and cheer me on. They help me through bad times and make me laugh when I need it the most.

Makenzie Strange
11/11/2012 8:03pm

#1: The first video is inspirational because the coach is encouraging his players to play better. He is giving them hope of winning the game and telling them to do what ever they can to win. The second video is also inspirational because Susan was being laughed at and made fun of because of what she was dreaming of. The audience also made fun of her because of her appearance, personality and age. They thought she wouldn't be talented until they heard her voice. Not even 10 seconds after the song had started Susan was given a standing ovation. She was surprised by what had happened. Simon told her that she had been laughed at but was then applauded by the audience.
The videos are different because in the first video the players were told they could win but Susan was encouraged by the hate she was given. This shows that our haters are our motivators but so are our fans.

Charlie fisher
11/12/2012 3:21pm

-- My mom is a very insperational person in my life. She helps me with all of my problems such as homeworck, social, and physical problems. She also is there for me when I need her the most.Even though we argue at times I now she wil always be there for me. Another person who is inspirational in my life is my soccer coach. He is always there pushing me to do my best. When i do somthing wrong he teaches me the right way to do it. I know he is always going to be there. he is also insperational because he sees the best in me.

Mara Moore
11/12/2012 3:55pm

1. One of the videos was about sports and the other one was about singing/talent. But they come together because they both want there dreams to come true. One was about where no one thought this woman could sing but she turned out to be amazing. The other was a racial/color wise video where the reffs give dark skined football players fowels because of there colors. I believe that over time we can do amazing things with our lifes but you just have to believe you can.

Courtney Maxwell
11/13/2012 5:14am

Two People that Have Inspired Me-
Person 1- Sara Ulloa, Sara dosnt know it yet but she motivated and inspired me throughout the whole sixth grade! Every time me or anyone else was talking or gossiping she corrected us and asked us a very important question, "What Would Jesus Do?" And that question really got to me and made me think harder about my decisions. She always knew to do the right thing, and to be proud of being the bigger person. She is the perfect model of a child of God. By the end of sixth grade I knew life wasn't just about 'being cool' it was about being nice to others and setting an example.
Person 2- My Grandma, throughout my grandmas treatment for Breast Cancer she inspired me a lot! She took me to many events to find a cure but the most important thing she inspired me to do is to keep Faith and Hope . She thought me how to be strong and take everyday step by step, and I think she was stronger than me throughout the bump in the road. We ended up getting inch through it together!


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