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11/7/2012 02:40:45 am

Red Blood Cell Project

11/7/2012 06:00:31 am

My Red Blood Cell Project. (story only) I have a poster too!

11/7/2012 06:03:08 am

There is the link again...I know it is long:0 The first one would not work.

cardasha benson
11/7/2012 08:16:01 am

i made mind on a power point it wont come threw.. miss.bolender

Miss Bolender
11/7/2012 09:52:34 am

Cardasha, email it to me if you are having trouble posting. I can post it on here so that it will come up as a Google doc. Just write a note in the email telling me that you would like it posted!

11/7/2012 09:20:31 am

The red blood cell project.

Kelsey E
11/7/2012 09:48:15 am

Hello, my name is Red. My real name is Erythrocytes, but I like to be called Red. I am a red blood cell. I have 2 white blood cell sisters and a plasma brother. I have been delivering blood for about 3 months. Did you know have millions and millions of friends? It is because the human that I work for hires about 2 million new red blood cells each and everyday. I can do all sorts of things like keeping my human going when she is exercising to picking up carbon dioxide to take it to her lungs. My favorite part of my job is going to the capillaries! When my human exercises we red blood cells have to work at delivering oxygen to her muscles. Did you know that we red blood cells have to deliver oxygen 24/7? It is extremely hard work but it is very fun. First off we have to start by going in the right atrium. Then we go through tricuspid valve to get pumped into right ventricle where we get pumped into the lungs. The next step is the pulmonary artery I go through it to get pumped in to the lungs. Right after I get to go through the pulmonary veins. The next step of my adventure is going in and through the left atrium then we go through the mitral valve to get to the left ventricle. After the left ventricle go to the aorta. Then we begin the journey through the body I usually go to her feet but sometimes I get to go to her fingertips. I always have to take the arteries to get to where I need to go. When I go to one of her muscles I have to deliver oxygen, after I deliver it then I pick up carbon dioxide. It is very fun job but it only takes about a minute to drop off blood and the pick up carbon dioxide. If I’m in the lower half of the body I get to go through the Posteria Vena Cava to get to the right atrium and if I’m in the upper half of the body then I go through the Anteria Vena Cava to get to the right atrium. When I am going back to the heart I have to take the veins. Then I go in through the superior and inferior vena cava and my journey starts all over again.

Miss Bolender
11/7/2012 09:53:48 am

Great job everyone! Very proud of those of you who are already finished AND posting :)

Savannah Kelly and Rainah Gadberry
11/7/2012 11:37:13 am

Indiana Cells: The Voyage through the Circulatory System

“Ello” mate my name is erythrocytes! Or you can just call me Indian Cells. I was born and raised to travel through your body. First off a fun fact about me is that I carry oxygen and nutrients inside me! Also, did you know that in a little drop of your blood there are about 10 million cells? Let’s take a voyage through your circulatory system. I was born in the right atrium. I took a fieldtrip to the right ventricle, through the pulmonary artery. As I go through the pulmonary artery I stop by my friend, the lungs, to pick up oxygen and drop off carbon dioxide. Well you are probably wondering how I exchange the oxygen and carbon dioxide. First, the oxygen is picked up by me as I suck it up. Second, it turns me red as I spit out the bad stuff (carbon dioxide). Then, I follow my mates into the pulmonary veins. As we head to the left atrium, I take another fieldtrip into the left ventricle. I took a tour through the aorta, which goes through the body, and I finally got to my stop, and dropped the oxygen into your muscles. “Well how did I do this?” I question. I give the oxygen to your muscles, and then I turn purple again! I turn back around and head back to the heart. But some other blood cells go through the vein toward the heart. There is also the artery that carries blood away from the heart. The capillaries are what hold these two things together, or connects them. We had to take the long way home into the superior vena cava. But don’t let me fool you! I can go anywhere through your body. Such as, if I went through the lower part of your body I would enter into the bottom, the inferior vena cava. I end up back where I started, the right atrium. I go through this process every day, night, minute, and every second, to help you keep your heart pumping. This process takes at least a minute long to go through your body though. Thank you for visiting my life though your body! This is Indiana Cells signing out, Good day mate!

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