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After all that we have been discussing in class about self presentation and ways to positively portray ourselves to other people, I would like for you to think of other ways that certain individuals present themselves to the world, outside of just through social media sites. One easy example could be clothing or attitude toward other people/ how you treat other people. 
Provide some examples of how well known people present themselves to the world. Come up with examples of how people in certain types of careers or celebrities/other well known individuals portray themselves in a positive way. Teachers, President Obama, and police officers are examples of people that typically do their best to make positive impressions by having good self presentation. You could also provide examples of negative self presentation (you can do this by giving examples of specific people and/or situations, or completely hypothetical situations).  Try to give at least one positive and one negative example, make sure that you EXPLAIN your examples. 
Conclude your post by telling me, why we need to always be aware of the way that we present ourselves and why it even matters/ why it is important. 
Thien Dang
10/28/2012 16:08:53

One positive way present yourself is by dressing up properly. If you are at school, you shouldn't look like you just woke up in your school clothes. At work, you shouldn't come in looking like a homeless person. Clothing matters! If I was the boss of some company, and one of my employees looks like crap everyday, I would probably fire him because he's making my company look bad.

A negative way to present yourself is a bad attitude. No one likes a Mister Grumpy-Face. If you were grumpy all the time, you probably won't any friends. If you have a bad attitude, it could affect the way you do things. You'd probably leave your homework unfinished when you go home with that kind of attitude. At your job, you would probably be too lazy to do anything because of the way you act.


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