** Remember to get full credit your post HAS to be at least TEN sentences and be grammatically correct.

After all that we have been discussing in class about self presentation and ways to positively portray ourselves to other people, I would like for you to think of other ways that you present yourself to the world, outside of just through social media sites. One easy example could be your clothing or your attitude toward other people/ how you treat other people. Provide some examples of ways that you present yourself to the world; or come up with examples of how other people portray themselves. Conclude your post by telling me, why we need to always be aware of the way that we present ourselves and why it even matters/ why it is important. 
Lauren Bragg
10/24/2012 03:16:20 am

How I Present Myself

I present myself with my music, for starters. I listen to alternative rock, rock, and a bit of heavy metal. Although, contrary to many people's beliefs, it does not make me a violent, rebellious person, who hates life and wears nothing but black clothing. I am not depressed, I love my friends and family, and although I do own a bit of dark clothing, I do not always wear black. I think that people don't even listen to the lyrics of rock music, they just hear the screamo parts and assume it is awful, and that it teaches kids to misbehave. In fact, some of my favorite rock songs include lyrics like "you're not alone, we'll brave this storm" and "a saviour will be there". It really depends on what artists you listen to. Really, I think that music is a big part of my life. It inspires me in ways that nothing else can, and that will never change. In reality, the music I listen to doesn't make me a bad person, it teaches me to never give up, and to stand up for what I believe in.

I also present myself through the people I hang out with. My friends are quite varied, actually. To be honest, I don't like to put the people I care about into categories. Lets just say, they are all nice, fun people. In particular, though I do like to be around people with similar interests as me, because it just gives us more things to do together, and to talk about. I would never be friends with someone who was a bad influence, or someone who I didn't trust.

Why Self Presentation Matters
Self presentation matters because it can be the thing that sets you apart from others, as well as causing people to think good or bad of you. If you do not present yourself properly, you probably will not have many people that want to be your friend, and it is always important to have friends. Also, if you do not present yourself well on social media sites, it cannot be erased forever. Even if you delete that particular post, it will always be there somewhere. When you are older, your bosses may want to check your past social media sites. If they see those posts that were bad, they may change their opinion about you, and it could effect your job.

Other people present themselves by the way they act, in school, and out of schoool. Also, the way you behave to your teachers and parents shows what kind of person you are as well.

Olivia Devecchis
10/25/2012 03:03:38 am

I think I present myself well to the world. I do not wear exposing clothing. The most exposing clothes I wear are tank tops to stores or two piece bathing suits at the beach or in the pool. My attitude towards others depends on who I am with. For example; with my parents I am usually more behaved, but when I am with my best friends I am usually crazier. My hair is always brushed and washed so I don't look bad and it’s always done when I go places. That would be positively presenting myself, I think.
Being polite to other people around you is a way of presenting yourself. I know of some of my friends who do not present themselves as a good person who used to be positive influences. It makes me hope and pray that they will go far and try harder to present themselves better.

Cassidy Hartwig
10/25/2012 07:28:40 am

Ways I Present My Self
The way I present myself is through my music. I love to listen to rock, alternative rock, occasionally metal, and classic music. Music is like another part of me. Right now I'm even listening to my music. Music practically saved my life. I don't like to tell anyone this but I am diagnosed with depression. I always had suicidal thoughts but when I listened to my music those thoughts disappeared and I felt at peace. Another way I present myself is through my friends. True I don't have many friends. But I do have one amazing friend. His name is Nathaniel Hacker. I guess you can say that we balance each other out. He is a wild crazy guy while I'm the calm and reserved one. I will tell you this I don't become friends with people I don't trust and respect.
Self Presentation Awareness/Importance
We should be aware of the ways we present ourselves because the ways we present ourselves will affect all of us in later life. Say you got a good job at a bustling corporate business. You also have a social media account. Your boss looks at what you are posting and your posts are absolutely cruel and horrid. You have posted so many negative thoughts on others posts or maybe even others comments making the posters feel weak in the heart. Your boss then looks and sees you have many grammatical errors and you even got a lot of facts wrong on you post. He fires you the next day. He did this because of the way you presented yourself to others. Self presentation is important because you can let others know your personality and lets you be free. Self presentation is also important because it helps you be different from so many other people in this enormous world.

Chase Jones
10/26/2012 10:43:00 am

The way that I present myself to the world is good and bad. For starters, a way that is not good or bad is that I wear clothes that do not usually match unless I am going somewhere "fancy." I also usually wear something that has to do with sports, but at school, I do not really have much of a choice on what I can wear. A bad way that I present myself to the world is that I am a little cocky and I showoff, but I am working on that problem. One of my favorite ways that I present myself to the world that is a good way is that I share my beliefs, but there is a way that I present myself bad to the world with my beliefs and it is that I will not share my beliefs with someone that I am shy around. Another one of my favorite good ways that I present myself is that I do not cuss and most of all, I do not say God's name in vain. One of my bad ways that I present myself is that if someone gets on my nerves, I will want to throw a punch at them because I am short tempered. A good way that I present myself is that I will stand up for someone that is getting bullied, most of the time. On my social media site, I do not post any bad stuff. Also, when it comes to gossiping, I try to ignore it most of the time, but so many people try to tell me drama.

Charles Fisher
10/27/2012 11:21:02 am

There are many ways to present yourself to the world, good or bad. Here are a few examples, One example is your language. You could present yourself in a good or bad way depending on how you use it. If you use poor language people will portray you as as bad person, but if you use good language people will portray you as a good person. How you dress is another example of how people portray you. If you dress appropriately people will portray you as a nice and an intelligent, but if you dress inappropriately people will portray you as unkind and unintelligent person. We always need to be aware of how we are presenting ourselves because we don't want people to think of us of what we are not. To be successful in life we need to protray ourselves appropriately through our language, dress and attitude. This matters because we want to be successful and we need to betray ourselves appropriately. It is also improtant because we want to have good relationships with friends, family and other people.

Morgan Croft
10/28/2012 08:22:56 am

a good to show people how you act and who you are is your clothing. you wear shorts and short sleeves shirts in summer and pants and long sleeve shirts in winter to be modest. a way I present my self is I wear shorts and short sleeve shirts. its how I want to be presented and none can change that. people think I might show alot of skin but im proud to be who I am. I think its okay to present myself that way because it shows im proud of who I am and people can see that im not afraid. People choose their way to present and none can change that.

Bianca Nesmachnov
10/28/2012 08:52:40 am

You could portray yourself by the way you talk. You could also portray yourself by what youdo or your actions.You can portray yourself by doing good in grades, sports, and academicly. Another way you can portray yourself is to not get in trouble. If you get in trouble then people would think you bad. Some of those actions lead to other actions and things that wound portray you even more.Sometimes people think that kids are bad but aren't just because people think they are. Portraying ourselfs in this way makes up who we are and who we are known as. We need to be aware of the way we present ourselfs because we will be known as this. Its kind of like a reputation.

Greyson Benning
10/28/2012 10:40:37 am

Everyone presents themselves in a good and bad way. I present myself in a good way becasue I show what I believe in and I stand up for my friends and Im always there for them. And i present myself in a bad way becasue sometimes im sarcastic and people take it the wrong way. But I think that everyone should be happy with themselves and thank God for creating them for who they are.

Logan Stroud
10/28/2012 10:56:56 am

I present my self in a good and bad way. The good way is that I am not shy and I am nice. But I also present myself in a bad way sometimes when I am sarcastic. Sometimes people think I am serious but I don't know that i hurt there feelings till the roomer spreads that I am a mean person. Some people present themselves as a gossiper because they talk behind someone's back and hurt peoples feelings.

Presenting yourself is important because some people judge you by what you say, and what you do? I try to judge people by what they believe in and what there actions are.

Mara Moore
10/28/2012 12:58:33 pm

I think the way I present my self is great. I do not show to much skin. The only time I do is when i wear a tank top and the only reason is because Florida is hot. I do not like to cuss. On social media sites I only post approprate things. I love listening to pop music, occasionally rap. I usually listen to them because of the beat more than the lyrics though.
Alot of teenagers have alot more freedom than kids. They tend to show more skin and act cool on social media sites. At school they tend to break more rules, which gives them a bad reputation. I do not like to do those kinds of things. I feel that it is appropriate to express yourself but it is all about the way you do it.

Autumn Dix
10/28/2012 09:07:41 pm

Many ays to present yourself. I woul do it in a great way. I would ot showvwry much skin. I would not us bad launge. I would tryu my best to show a good person.I would not be mean I would not bragg. I would not try do any of these things.

10/28/2012 10:09:39 pm

A good way to represent myself to the people around me is to wear modest clothes which I am having a problem with, over the summer and stuff I have been wearing super short shirts and I think the fall will help me get over that because its freezing! Another good way is to be nice to everyone, and help out a lot in the community. I've always been interested in helping out in the community but I would love to help out with kids maybe at an orphanage. Things like this will help build up my reputation. It is very hard to have a perfect reputation it all depends on who your friends are what you wear and how you act. Even though its hard to build up a reputation it's super easy to ruin it, the day you start hanging out with bad people its gone all the hard work is gone!


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