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It’s easy to say, “Peer pressure doesn’t have any effect on me.”. However, the truth is, what people think of us can often influence how we think and act (or don’t act) as human beings. Peer pressure is common to everyone in every stage of life from childhood to adulthood.  Please answer the following questions about peer pressure thoroughly and to the best of you ability, remember you need at LEAST 10 COMPLETE sentences. Answer all questions:

1. A student copied down the answers to a test and then offered them to students taking the same test later that day.  Would it even cross your mind to turn this person in?  What if that person was your best friend, could/would you turn them in? Would you accept these answers and cheat?  

2. If you saw a friend teasing or picking on another student because they were overweight, not ‘cool’ enough, wore a different style of clothes, or even had some type of physical/mental disability, would you say or do anything to stop them?  If so, what?  

3. Can peer pressure ever be a POSITIVE thing? Explain why or why not and give an example. 

4. One of the effects of peer pressure is that it is often the cause of bullying. What are some of your ideas on how you as an individual could help put a stop to bullying? (Remember to use complete sentences.)

Greyson Benning

1. I want to tell the truth on these questions and I would only tell on that person if it got out of hand. So if it was my bestfriend I dont think I would tell on that person. Being me and the way I am I would not take the answer sheet and cheat.
2. Of course I would stick up for that person. I am not the kind of person that would let someone be picked on. In my eyes everyone is equal. I would tell the person teasing the other person things like how would you feel if that we you, you know give examples of other things.
3. Yes, I think peer pressure can be good or bad. For example it can be good by a friend encouraging you to try out for example etc.
4. A way to stop bullying is to keep saying things like "Leave me alone" or "Stop." And by then if they dont stop then go to an adult and get the problem fixed.

Makenzie Strange

#1. If the person was my best friend i wouldn't turn them in even if i know it's a bad thing because its just a thing that i would regret and lose a person I care very strongly about. But if they are just a friend and it wouldn't hurt me to know that i will probably lose a friend, yes i would because they have done something very wrong and it should not have been done. But I sure would NOT accept the answers because I like doing stuff on my own to make sure it is done the way I do it NOT the way somebody else has done it.
#2. UH yahh! Definitely! In fact i have already done it this year. I'm not going to say who the teaser was or who the victim was but I told the teaser to leave them alone because they have feelings too. Every person on this earth should be treated the exact same way even though they're not. So I acknowledged that and did something about it, and not just because I knew who the victim was, but because I knew how he felt.
#3.I honestly don't think so. peer pressure has always been a negative thing to me because I dislike feeling forced to do something, especially something wrong like drinking or doing drugs. Or maybe just the little things like cheating on a test or picking on somebody, something i would regret later.
#4. I could use examples to show somebody what bullying was like and how it effects someone's life, I could get people to sign a petition to make the schools a lot safer from bullying, and maybe ask Mrs.Tompkins to show a couple bullying videos on the morning show, just to get the word out.

charles fisher

1.) It would cross my mind to turn the other person in even if the person is my best freind. I would not execpt the answers and I probaly turn them in to the office.

2.) If I saw a friend picking on someone because they don't fit in I would do something to stop them. I would stand in front of my freind and tell him it is not nice to pick on people and he should back of.

3.) Peer preasure somtimes can be a positive thing. If you preasure somebody to eat something healthy or study for a test. You can also preasure sombody into forgiving others.

4.) An individual can stop bulling in little or big ways. They can tell an adult and try to get the bullying to stop. They can also try to talk th bully into realizing that bulling hurts other people.

Olivia Devecchis

1) It would cross my mind to turn them in because that is very wrong. If they were my best friend that might be different.It is still wrong to do that but before I would turn her in, I would try to stop her myself. I would not accept the answers because I know that it is wrong and I need to show MY work and not somebody else's.

2)I absolutely would! I do not tolerate bullying and I would never bully someone. I joke around with my friends a lot; for example i say: "Girrll youu stupid!" but they know I am kidding and I assure them that I am joking. What I would do to stop them would be pulling them away from the picked on kid and telling them that it is absolutely not cool just being mean.

3) It could be a positive thing because people can convince you to do positive things too. For example: say my story that I wrote was picked to be on TV and it was my option to do it or not. I might be afraid to do it and my friends can peer pressure me into doing that.

4) To stop bullying I can tell people and show them how it feels to be bullied and tell them to put themselves in a situation like that and ask them how they would feel.


1- I would consider or think about turning them in although probably not considering the fact they are my bestfriend. I would never take answers from anyone even if she was super smart so no on that.
2- If I saw anyone picking on anyone I would do everything I can to stop them in the nicest and most encouraging way. If it didn't stop at this point I would have to turn them in.
3-Yes, peer pressure can be a positive thing if you are encouraging a friend to try harder or quit a habit that isn't good, peer pressure can be positive if you use it without getting crazy.
4- To stop bullying we can all come together to explain why it's a bad thing to ave around and we should think of peaceful ways to end it. Bullying is serious and it needs to be put to a stop everyone in a community need to be a part of ending it.

Logan Stroud

#1 I would definetly turn the person in even if he/she was my bestfriend. I would do this because one time I was the person who had a decision to turn them in or not. It was hard but i did it and when i did my friend hated me but he got over it.

#2 I know this sounds like I am a tatle tale but I would go to Mrs. Conner or Mrs. Powell and confront them about what is going on. I know they will do something about it.

#3 Yes i think peer presure can sometimes be a posotive thing. Your friends could encourage you to do the right thing and not the wrong.

#4 When you go home after school you can post a petion on facebook and you can make it big. On the post you can say like if you are against bullying.


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