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Traditional Bullying

1.  A 7th grade girl is repeatedly picked on and made fun of during her homeroom by several other girls.  It is clear that this bothers the girl, but neither the students nor the teacher do much to stop it.  The girl complains to her friends, but doesn’t say much to her parents or the principals.  Near the end of the year, the girl has been so humiliated that she finally tells her parents about the mean things the girls have done to her all year. Her parents decide to buy a house in a new public school zone so their daughter can go to a different school. The parents decide to sue different individuals involved in the problem at the school and take the case before a judge,  in order to pay for their moving expenses.   

A.  If you were the judge in this case, how would you assign responsibility and provide an explanation for each:  

___% girls who made fun of her
___% other students in homeroom
___% homeroom teacher
___% school administration
 ___% girl who was being bullied

B.  As the judge and jury, when you provide a verdict in this case, please provide 1) a lecture to the individuals involved and 2) advice on how to prevent this in the future

Autumn Dix
10/4/2012 23:37:26

I would say 45% of the girls who were picking on because that made them have to move.

I would say 10% of the other homeroom kids because they did not do anything to stop them or to help her.

10% for the teacher bcause she didnt care or do anything to mke it stop.

23% for school adminstration beacause they did not investigate what was happing to the girl.

12% for the girl because she did not tell anyone till the end of the year.

I would say that the girls need to stop bullying or there would be severe consquences. I woul tell they teacher that they should care a little moe about the students. I would tell the admin to investigate a little more. The others students should tell the teachers and care. The girl should tell someone before it gets bad.
You should put a no bullying policy in your school.

10/8/2012 03:19:01

I would say 45% to the girls that nominated her as a joke.

Also 10% to the other people in her homeroom class.

10% to her techer for not telling them to stop.

20% to the school adminstration because they did not do anything to look in to what was happening.

15% to the girl for not telling anyone whst was happening to her and not doing anything to stop it.

The verdict that I would put is that all of the people are guilty but the girl who was getting bullied was the most guilty for not saying anything.You always need to tell someone when you are getting hurt and do not let it go to far....
You always should tell someone and if they do not listen to you try something else or try to stand up to them by yourself.

Cassidy Hartwig
10/8/2012 03:23:40

I would say 66% for the girls who made fun of her. Because they made fun of her all year and never stopped and never apologized for their behavior. I would say 9% for the students in her homeroom because what if some of them didn't notice these girls making fun of her. Also because maybe some of them are quite shy. 25% for the teacher because he didn’t stop the bullying. 53% for the school administration because they didn't investigate what was going on. 100% for the girl since she didn't tell anyone what was going on for the whole year. If I was the judge I would say that girls should stop bullying other people or there would be consquences. To the teacher that he should pay attention to his students when they have a bullying problem. To the school administration that they should be responsible for their students. To the girl being bullied that she should tell someone when she is being bullied.


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