10/04/2012 2:48pm

This website and the video didn't have a lot of information, but the information it did have was very useful. The information was very close to our review and it is exactly what we were learning in class. It was mainly about Producers and Consumers and where they are on the food chain.

10/09/2012 1:49pm

This website was very helpful because it gave a lot of information about ecology and food chains. It also gave a lot of vocabulary terms that we have been studying in class for the past couple weeks. Some of the main things that this website talked about was- producers, consumers, communities, ecosystems, and populations.

10/09/2012 1:59pm

These flash cards helped me because they reviewed some of the vocabulary terms that we have been going over in class the past few weeks. They also introduced some new vocabulary words that helped me with the other vocab. words that I already know. So, anyways, these online flashcards are very helpful for studying.

10/10/2012 4:41pm

This website was very helpful to me because it has a lot of valuable information on Food Chains, Food Webs, and many other things. This website helped me to understand more about what animals go where, and why on the food chain.

10/10/2012 5:16pm

These flashcards are from Quizlet; I made them, and they have all the words from our crossword. At least I hope so. Quizlet is an awesome resource, and the will help to study a lot!! I know they helped me!!

10/11/2012 8:33am

This vocabulary worksheet I found was very useful, it looks like every word from our vocab worksheet is on the document and there are some more words that we have not learned, but this document is very useful to study with and people should check it out.


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