Students please post a comment to this blog by answering the following questions:
 - Your name and age.
 - Your favorite teacher of all time and why.
 - Three interesting things about you (see the 'meet Miss Bolender tab for ideas).
 - What have you thought about this class so far? How could we make it better?

Also, answer the following discussion question to the best of your ability. Keep in mind that you need to be answering the question in your OWN way. Do not answer in the way you think I would want you to; instead answer respectively and in your own opinion.

Name at least ten things, characteristics, and/or personality traits make a student "popular" in Middle School? (All you need to do is click 'Comment' below.)


Bianca Nesmachnov
09/17/2012 2:41pm

Ten ways you could ruin or create a reputation is...
One way to ruin a reputation is creating rumors and lies.
One way you could create a reputation is to be kind and thoughtful to others.
Another way to ruin a reputation is saying stuff that are mean or are hurtful in some way.
Another way you could create a reputation is to make friends with nice people.
Another way to ruin a reputation is to not get things done.
Another way to create a reputation is to get good grades.
Another way to ruin a reputation is to not be responcible.
Another way to create a reputation is to be responcible.
Another way to ruin a reputation is to not be cooperative.
Another way to create a reputation is to follow directions.
Another way to ruin a reputation is to make your best friend angry.
Another way to create a reputation is to be the best you van be.

09/17/2012 2:48pm

Ms. Gillian she was my kindergarden teacher.
I am a girl.
I like to draw.
I am very funny.
I like this class.

I think that the charicteristics that makes a student popular are smartness, kindness, niceness, leadership, funnieness, forgiveness, honesty, integrity, goodsportsmanship, and a good reputation.

Autumn Dix
09/18/2012 2:55pm

Autumn Dix 12 years old!!!!!!
Mrs.Dee because she was a great kindergarten teacher
I like to sign, dance and play with hair and makeup
I think this class is awesome we could make it better by do more interactive things with younger kids.

Autumn Dix
09/18/2012 3:01pm

Characteristics of being popular are pretty,energetic,fun,funny, skinny, tall, sweet, nice clothes,nice and good person

Chase Jones
09/18/2012 4:52pm

My name is Chase Jones and I am twelve years old. My favorite teacher of all time is Miss Merry. She was my pre-school teacher at two different schools and she loved me. Three interesting things about me are that I am a Christian, I play baseball, and I like to hunt. So far, this class has been fun and not fun at the same time. We can make this class better by doing more out of the class activities. There are some good things that make someone popular and some bad things that make someone popular at a Middle School. Some people have been at a school for a while or are very communicative. Kids that "look good", can get popular quick. Or if someone is very athletic and doesn't gossip or spread drama. Some of the characteristics of a popular Middle Schooler are being kind, honest, sweet, and helpful.

Charlie Fisher
09/19/2012 3:57pm

.My name Is Charlie Fisher I am 12 yearsold.
.My favirote teacher is Mrs. Dury beacuse she was always nice and she made learning fun.
. I like soccer, I play the piano, and I enjoy reading.
. I enjoyed this class so far but it would be better if we could go and do some leadersip activities out of class.

Charlie Fisher
09/19/2012 4:07pm

10 Ways You Could Destory Or Create A Good Reputation
. cheat
. lye
.be on time
. be late
. mean
.stuck up
. respectfull

Greyson Benning
09/20/2012 1:38pm

~ About Greyson ~
My name is Greyson Benning and I am 12 years old. I would have to say my favorite teacher of all time is Mrs. Martin which was my sixth grade year. She was my favorite teacher because she understood her students and was just plain out fun and a great teacher. I love my family and friends and they mean alot to me. I am a christian and I love going to church with my family. My last one is that I am a competitive cheerleader for Xpolsion All-Stars. So far this class has been one of my favorites ! A way to make it better is not doing so much AR things for other classes.

Greyson Benning
09/20/2012 1:47pm

~ Discussion Question ~
Tens ways to be "popular" in Middle School
1. Athletic
2. Nice
3. Outgoing
5. Helpful
6. Kind
7. Positive
8. Energetic
9.Follow Directions
10. "bad"

Miss Bolender
09/20/2012 5:06pm

Great job so far everyone! Remember that you don't have to write about the 'reputation' topic, just write what the post above asks you for. :) I love how some of you are using 'air quotes'! 'bad' and 'looking good' Awesome!

Makenzie Strange
09/22/2012 4:42pm

My name is Makenzie Strange and I am 12 years old. My favorite teacher of all time is my kindergarten teacher, Mrs.Grubert because she would alwats treat me like I was her daughter. The three things i find interesting about myself are: * i care for others in need * i organize everything except my room * i have a baby brother who even though tries to kill me, is the most important person in the world. I like this class so far because it's a class i've never taken before. i would like to do more things to help the school such as helping in classrooms and participating in school activites.

Popularity traits: *be respectful to others
*be a good role model
*get good grades
*participate in most things
*stand up for others
* help others with everyday things
* get assignments turned in on time
*stay out of trouble
*try your best
* have FUN

Olivia Devecchis
09/23/2012 9:51am

My name is Olivia Devecchis. I just turned 13 years old. My favorite teacher so far has probably been my sixth grade science and math teacher, Ms. Hatten. She was very funny and gave us very fun activities. We always expected something funny each day. Three interesting facts about myself are: Number one- I am a dancer. Number two- I am a gold belt in Martial Arts. Number 3- I love being with family and friends. I always enjoy company and spending a day as a family. So far I have really enjoyed this class. One thing that might make it better is doing a little more School Service.

Olivia Devecchis
09/23/2012 9:56am

10 Ways to be Popular in Middle School:
-being respectful to adults
-being responsible
-being helpful to students and adults
-being caring about other peoples feelings
-being the person everyone can trust
-being honest to all people
-not being a gossiper
-respecting yourself and others
-being the person who makes others happy instead of sad
-having self confidence and seeing yourself in positive ways instead of negative

Cassidy Hartwig
09/23/2012 1:28pm

My name is Cassidy Hartwig I am 12 years old. My favorite teacher is Mrs.Hearttung. She is my favorite teacher because she always pushed me to do better and taught me to be myself. Three interesting things about me are that I love music, I am very shy though I don't show it a lot, and that I am a big goofball. What I have thought about this class is that it is very intriguing and interesting. We could make this class better by helping out teachers and students not just with books but with many other things that they might need. Also we could make this class better by expressing our feelings and showing our traits as leaders.

Cassidy Hartwig
09/23/2012 1:35pm

10 Ways to be popular in middle school
1. To be yourself
2. To help out people who need your help
3. To have a good heart
4.To be kind to others
5. To be friendly
6. Be outgoing
7.Be creative
8. Don't be rude and snobby to others
9. Consider one's feelings before you speak
10. Cheer people up when their feeling the blues

Mara Moore
09/23/2012 3:23pm

My name is Mara I am 12 years old. My favorite teacher of all time was Mrs. Harris.She had a fun way of teaching us math and science
I dance, love to swim, and love music. So far this class is really fun and creative but to make it better i think we should do a little bit more hands on stuff with teachers. For example helping younger kids with projects.

Mara Moore
09/23/2012 3:34pm

*Ten things to make a person popular in Middle School
*They get great grades.
*They help a student if they need it.
*Be nice to others.
*Respectful to teachers and adults.
*Always stay postive.
*Be on time for school.
*Does after school or before school programs.
Acouple bad ways
*Telling everyone your rich.
*Acting rude.
*Starting Drama.

Lauren Bragg
09/23/2012 4:53pm

Ten things that make a student "Popular" in middle school
-Acting like a child. Some find this funny, apparently
-Blending in
-Having pretty jewelry
-Being unnaturally skinny
-being beautiful
-being a teachers pet
-always getting good grades
-having a "boyfriend", although this can start drama
-being the center of attention
-having tons of friends
Bad ways-
Starting drama
Having bad grades
Getting fines

Lauren Bragg
09/23/2012 4:58pm

I'm Lauren, and I'm 12 years old. My favorite teacher that I have ever had was Mrs. Corbeil. She was incredibly nice, and never got too mad at us, even when we were really bad. I love to swim, and go to the beach. Fishing and tubing are some of my favorite things to do. I love my friends, and I don't know what I would do without them. I think that helping others, being different, being responsible, and being kind are all good qualities of a leader.

Molly Lippincott
09/23/2012 5:13pm

I'm Molly and i'm 12 years old. My favorite teacher ever had was Mrs. Campbell. She was incredible, and made learning fun. I play soccer, love to draw, and love to write short stories and essays. So far, i really like this class. When I first got it, i was kid of dissapointed because it wasn't and elective I chose. Now i am so glad I got this elective. The 10 traits now are: If you wear ,make-up, if you have the newest phone, the best smelling perfume, rich, cute butt, tight shorts, newest shoes, if you've had a BUNCH of boyfriends, if you are 'hot'.

Courtney Maxwell
09/23/2012 5:52pm

Courtney Maxwell, age 12.
My favorite teacher probably has to be Mrs.Rodriquez, I choose her because she treated us like adults and let us make our own decisions she acted like she was a kid and helped us learn in the most fun ways!
Three interesting things about me, one- I have danced since I was two,I'm committed to it and I love it! Two- I'm very interested in community stuff for charity and helping my community. Three- I live spending most of my time at the lake with friends and family.
My opinion of this. Lass is great I love expressing how I feel and explaining things with a group of people I feel comfortable around, to make it better we need to get out that and make ourselves noticed for the great things we do!

Morgan croft
09/23/2012 9:30pm

Morgan croft
She nice and serious and fun
I play softball
I have a brother
I have a sister
I like this class it shouldnt change

Morgan croft
09/23/2012 9:32pm

1. Funny
7.good sportsmanship
8.out going

Thien Dang
09/24/2012 9:58am

My name is Thien Nhan (pronounced "nyan" like Nyan Cat LOL) Dang. I really don't have a favorite teacher. I am pretty weird. I sometimes have crazy spasms. I am a video game addict. i think this class is very helpful around the school. We could make this class better by doing at least something else than looking up books.

09/24/2012 10:03am

1) jennifer, 12
2) Mr. Doddy, my 6th grade science teacher.
3) a) i like cheerleading
b) i like to play on forewhellers
c) i have 6 siblings/ 1 sister/ 4 brothers(alive)/ 1 brother(passed)
4) i like this class alot and i dont really know how to make it beter maybe do more hands-on things and less labling books! :)
1) nice hair
2) smells nice
3) being kind to others
4) respectful
5) honest
6) trust in other people
7) help others
8) nice clothes
9) gets good grades
10) just a role model to everyone.

Courtney Maxwell
09/24/2012 10:07am

10 Ways to be "Popular"
1-Nice and always hanging out with other populars girls
2-Bad or disrespectful
3-Perfect,hair,face, etc
5-Wears their clothes tight and like shorter shorts and tanktops
6-Has the best and most expensive clothes or eletronics
7-Can talk to boys the best


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